Object Storage S3 compatible


The digital age we live in requires the security and management of, as well as the access to large amounts of data. Object Storage S3 Compatible from conova offers simple, web-based access to your data via URL. It allows you to access your data at any time and from anywhere. Nearly unlimited amounts of data can be organized flexibly and in a scalable manner within so-called ‘objects’ and can then be shared easily via the Internet.

Anführungsstriche der conova Corporate Identity
Highlights at a glance
  • Direct access to data via a URL – no VPN connection necessary
  • Secure data transfer with HTTPS without buffering or caching
  • Uniform client – no further interfaces required
  • Convenient user management
  • Integration of external identity providers for single sign-on and MFA
  • Perfect for long-term data retention
  • Audit security for accounting, taxes and much more

Billing for Object Storage S3 Compatible is based on the fair use principle. This means that conova offers a flat model in which it is irrelevant whether access is made twice per minute or twice per second. There are no costs for requests and only small fees for the data transfer. Data transmission takes place exclusively via an HTTPS interface with LE certificates provided by conova.

The ‘object lock‘ function offers the possibility to save objects according to the WORM principle (write-once-read-many) and protects them from unwanted changes or deletion. The particularly secure ‘certified mode‘ guarantees that even the root user cannot change or delete an object version. This mode blocks all workarounds, ensuring maximum security. Certified mode can be used to meet the strict legal requirements for data storage and retention, for example in financial accounting, healthcare or industry.

Object Storage S3 CompatibleEconomyBusiness
Use caseArchive / Backupmixed workloads
Completely Amazon S3 compatibleyesyes
Accessible from the Internet / Publicly available via HTTPSyesyes
Administration interfaceno
all S3 clients usable
(MinIO Console recommended)
yes (MFA supported)
Self-service interface
is provided
Single Sign-on Integrationnovia SAML (IAM)
Object Lock supportedyesyes
Object Lock Certified Mode 1)noyes
Monthly including 1 TB 2)upon requestupon request
One-off setup costsupon requestupon request

1) IMPORTANT: Setting the retention time is possible per bucket, but is no longer reversible. The costs must be covered by this point and are independent of other contract terms.
2) Note: 1TB is cu rrently the smallest unit available for purchase. Expansion possible in 100 GB increments.

• Billing based on storage capacity.
• Billing for API calls -> no variable billing, only fair use principle.
• Corresponding evidence of certification can be provided upon request.