TopFirewall for Private & Public Clouds


Security concepts are not only a challenge but rather also represent valuable opportunities. Regardless of whether you use your own private cloud infrastructure or a public cloud of your choice, conova’s modern firewall solutions give you tailor-made protection against unwanted access. You are given an unlimited number of protected IP addresses and VPNs. They are only limited by the available resources. Certified conova specialists ensure that your firewall infrastructure functions securely, even 24/7 if desired.

Anführungsstriche der conova Corporate Identity
Highlights at a glance
  • Regular security updates for maximum security and availability
  • Automated subscription and license management
  • No need for complex security know-how
  • 24×7 operation and support
  • Easily adapt to new requirements and increase performance via resource updates
  • Full transparency of availability via online portal and app
TopFirewall for Private & Public CloudsSM
Number of vCores 1)24
Recommended number of usersup to 300 userup to 2.000 user
FeaturesIPSec VPN | Application Firewall | Traffic Shaping | Quality of Service (QoS) | URL Filter
Private Cloud in the conova data centres (TopCloud, TopServer dedicated)
Public Cloud (Azure, AWS, GCP)
Advanced Remote Access (SSL VPN + MFA)optionaloptional
Malware Protectionoptionaloptional
Advanced Threat Protection 2)optionaloptional
Hourly account included4 hours4 hours
Configuration changeshourly accounthourly account
Price per monthupon requestupon request
One-time setup costsupon requestupon request

1) License for max. number of virtual cores. Should more cores be necessary than that included in product type S, then an upgrade to produce type M is required.
2) conova uses the ATP service of the Barracuda Cloud (see: This requires data to be uploaded and the upstream bandwidth is put under strain.

• The resources in the form of computing power, RAM and storage are billed separately or must be provided by the client.
• The requirements defined by Barracuda Networks for virtual infrastructure provided by the public or private cloud apply.

Contract details:
• Minimum contract term of 36 months.
• Errors and changes reserved.