TopServer Managed VM GEO


With TopServer Managed VM GEO, you are getting a highly available virtual server that is operated geo-redundantly at two locations (Southern Salzburg and Salzburg City). What does that mean? The server runs with geo-redundant mirrored storage in one data center region. If one location experiences a disturbance, the VM in the other zone activates automatically.

Our specialists take over the ongoing operational management including the operating system and selected standard applications – also including security patching, proactive 24/7 monitoring and backup.

Anführungsstriche der conova Corporate Identity
Highlights at a glance
  • Managed server based on a Microsoft or Linux operating system
  • High availability via automated region change
  • Data is stored on geo-redundant, mirrored storage systems
  • Particularly suitable for systems that do not support redundant application operation themselves
  • Guaranteed virtual resources
  • Live-view in the customer service portal as well as performance monitoringsystem
TopServer Managed VM GEOSMLXL
Number of vCores  1)1246
Memory/RAM guaranteed2 GB4 GB12 GB24 GB
Mirrored primary storage 2)100 GB100 GB100 GB100 GB
Managed Backup 3)200 GB 200 GB 200 GB200 GB
Traffic1 TB1 TB1 TB1 TB
Public IPv4 address1111
Service Level Agreement (SLA)
included 4)
Virtualization PlatformVMwareVMwareVMwareVMware
Available operating systems 5)LinuxLinux/WindowsLinux/WindowsLinux/Windows
IPv4 Network block/
IPv6 Network block 6)
Linux price per monthupon requestupon requestupon requestupon request
Windows price per monthupon requestupon requestupon request
Set-up costs (one-time expense)upon requestupon requestupon requestupon request

1) 2,6 GHz minimum computing power per core.
2) Expansions only possible with mirrored storage.
3) Standard Backup: daily Backup, 14 days Retention
4) For further information please refer to the data sheet TopSLA.
5) Windows and Linux operating systems (Red Hat and Debian) with current manufacturer support are offered.
6) IPv4 and IPv6 network blocks available optionally. Please refer to the current price list. Use of the geo-redundant TopFirewall solution is recommended for implementation.


  • Geo-redundant, mirrored storage systems are used with this product. Depending on the specific application workload, different performance values can result with write operations than with non-mirrored storage systems.
  • Further licenses can be obtained from conova (more information in the price list). The license terms for conova services in the currently valid version apply
  • The cited prices are valid for a minimum contract period of 36 months.

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