TopCloud is ready to use, highly reliable and freely scalable

You receive a highly available cloud environment from Austrian data centers. Austria is considered one of the most secure IT locations in the world – particularly regarding data protection. We offer you maximum freedom and maximum security: start small. As required, we offer you as many resources as you need at the push of a button – regardless if changes are seasonal – they can be reduced again at a later date.

The foundation for the conova TopCloud are the redundant server and storage systems.  In addition, we also provide you with a geographically separate backup environment.

Anführungsstriche der conova Corporate Identity
  • Always ready: immediately operational
  • Flexible: scalable at any time
  • Reliable: highest availability
  • Simple: Web interface provides direct access to your systems
  • Professional: 24/7 operation by our experts
  • Practical: disaster recovery environment
  • Secure: data remains in Austria
Guaranteed computing power 12 GHz4 GHz8 GHz12 GHz
Memory/RAM guaranteed 22 GB8 GB16 GB48 GB
Primary Storage guaranteed100 GB100 GB100 GB100 GB
Primary Storage Flash guaranteedoptionaloptionaloptionaloptional
Secondary Storage guaranteedoptionaloptionaloptionaloptional
Traffic Fair-Use1 TB1 TB2 TB6 TB
free IPv4 address1111
IPv4 netmaskoptionaloptionaloptionaloptional
Backup-Space (NFS/CIFS; SATA)150 GB150 GB150 GB150 GB
Max. number of vCores 3481646
vCloud Director Access (html 5)1115
Amount of private networks1111
NSX Edge Gateway 4
Virtualization platformVMwareVMwareVMwareVMware
VMware Licenses5   
Monthly operating costsEUR 79.00EUR 159.00EUR 279.00EUR 689.00
set-up costs (one-time expense)EUR 915.00EUR 915.00EUR 915.00EUR 915.00

Minimum computing power per core 2 GHz.

2 The actual usable memory may differ slightly.

3 At least 1 virtual core per virtual machine.

4 NSX Edge services: Firewall, NAT, DHCP, Site-to-Site VPN, Loadbalancing, HA

5 Licenses for operating systems, applications, etc. can be obtained from conova (more information can be found in the price list). The license terms for conova services apply
in the currently valid version  (
The cited prices are valid for a minimum contract period of 36 months.
Errors and changes reserved, all prices exclusive of VAT