TopBackup Cloud Connect

Efficient transfer of backups to conova

Transfer backups of physical and virtual systems to external storage locations with end-to-end encryption without the cost and complexity of building and maintaining an external infrastructure. Management is done centrally via your existing veeam backup infrastructure.

Get the most out of modern backup technology with backup copy jobs and integrated WAN acceleration, unlimited incremental backups, GFS retention policies (grandfather-father-son) and more.

Anführungsstriche der conova Corporate Identity
  • External backup location
  • Immediately available
  • Data is stored in a highly secure data center
  • Well-known technology from market leaders
  • End-to-end encryption
  • Scalable backup space
  • Fully integrated into your existing veeam infrastructure
TopBackup Cloud ConnectSL
Backupspace included50 GB100 GB
maximum bandwidth50 MBit1 GBit
Workstations included1optional
virtual Server includedoptional
physical Server includedoptional
Backup Technologyveeam Cloud Connectveeam Cloud Connect
price per monthEUR 39.00EUR 79.00
Set-up costs (one-time expense)EUR 99.00EUR 399.00
per Workstation per monthEUR 6.00EUR 6.00
per virtual Server per monthEUR 7.00
per physical Server per monthEUR 9.00
Backup-Space per TB per monthEUR 9.90EUR 9.90

Monthly billing is based on the number of servers/workstations created in the backup.

The cited prices are valid for a minimum contract period of 36 months. Errors and changes reserved, all prices exclusive of VAT