TopMail ATP

Internet threats have many faces: Protect your business with TopMail ATP

Whether ransomware, blended attacks, targeted attacks or digital espionage – internet threats have many faces. TopMail ATP provides complete protection against all of these attacks. This builds on our premium spam and virus protection, the conova TopMail SV.

E-mails that have passed this initial test are further analyzed by TopMail ATP. This service opens attachments and closely analyzes their behavior. Whenever TopMail ATP discovers an attack using highly complex algorithms, the IT security team receives an e-mail with all relevant details.

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Highlights at a glance
  • Intelligent: detects highly complex e-mail attacks
  • Secure: through URL scanning and rewriting
  • Efficient: no investment required
  • Reliable: protection against ransomware, blended attacks, targeted attacks and digital espionage
  • Fast: real-time notification of attacks

conova TopMail ATP integrates seamlessly with spam and virus filters (TopMail SV). E-mails that have passed the first test undergo further analysis by conova ATP. The service also reviews attachments and looks at their behavior in detail. As soon as TopMail ATP discovers an attack, an E-mail notification is sent to the IT department to immediately inform you of the potential threat.

TopMail ATPSet-up costs (one-time expense)price per user per month
up to 25 Usersupon requestupon request
from 26 to 100 Usersupon requestupon request
100+ Usersupon requestupon request

• TopMail SV is required to use TopMail ATP.
• Monthly billing is base d on the amount of system users – group and alias addre sses and alias d omains are not counted.
• Additional TopMail Services can be activated in the control panel. Please note that if this is not a free trial, these services are subject to a charge and will be invoiced from the time of activation.

Contract details:
• Minimum contract period 36 months.
• Errors and changes reserved.

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