TopMail SV

TopMail SV: the best spam and virus protection on the market

conova TopMail SV protects your business from spam, viruses and malware. Our spam filter offers guaranteed spam detection of 99.9 % and virus detection of 99.99 %. These are the highest detection rates on the market at the moment. And this is how it works: We redirect your e-mail traffic to our data centers and review the messages there.

We remove harmful content and only forward clean e-mails to your mail server. Our user-friendly web interface and automatically generated spam reports offer you constant overview.

Anführungsstriche der conova Corporate Identity
Highlights at a glance
  • Reliable: highest filter rate – guaranteed at 99.9%
  • Direct: ready to use
  • Efficient: no hardware or software required
  • Full Service: no administration hassle
  • False Positive Rate: under 0.0004 %
  • Secure: e-mails are cached if your e-mail infrastructure fails
  • Economical: fixed, calculable monthly costs
  • Intuitive: user-friendly web interface
  • Correct: extensive statistics
  • Upgrade: Advanced Threat Protection (Sandboxing) optionally available

The spam filter service offers the highest detection rates available on the market with a guaranteed detection rate of 99.9 % and a virus detection rate of 99.99 %. It protects mail servers from DDoS attacks and users from phishing E-mails. conova’s multi-level filtering systems block the majority of spam E-mails as they arrive – keeping the quarantine clear and easily manageable.

TopMail SVSet-up costs (one-time expense)price per user per month
up to 25 Usersupon requestupon request
from 26 to 100 Usersupon requestupon request
from 101 to 200 Usersupon requestupon request
from 201 to 500 Usersupon requestupon request
500+ Usersupon requestupon request

• Monthly billing is based on the amount of system users – group and alias addresses and alias do mains are not counted.
• Additional TopMail Services can be activated in the control panel. Please note that if this is not a free trial, these services are subject to a charge and will be invoiced from the time of activation.

Contract details:
• Minimum contract period 36 months.
• Errors and changes reserved.

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