TopMail Crypt

TopMail Crypt by conova protects your e-mails simply and automatically

Business e-mails often contain sensitive information. Strong encryption is needed to protect against unauthorized readers and criminal intentions. However, encryption technologies have not yet become established in everyday life.

This has many reasons: they cannot be implemented easily and the administration is often time-consuming. conova has a solution for you: TopMail Crypt simplifies the encryption of your e-mails and also takes over the management of certificates.

Anführungsstriche der conova Corporate Identity
  • Convenient: functions fully automatically
  • Practical: simple handling
  • Freedom: independent of browser and operating system
  • Economical: no hardware or software required
  • Comprehensive: full service by conova
  • Secure: operation in redundant, secure data centers

Implementing E-mail encryption in a company centrally requires laying down ground rules and guidelines, but also means maintaining the overview of all encrypted E-mail traffic at all times. Easily define your encryption policies in a user-friendly web interface regarding which types of encryption you choose to communicate with your partners with: S/MIME or TLS. This is possible either as a flat-rate or individually for single users, groups or domains.

TopMail Crypt basic package Set-up costs price  per month
Basic encryption package for 5 users incl. certificates EUR 249.00 EUR 49.00
TopMail Crypt Certificate incl. certificate service up to 25 Users 26-100 Users 101+ Users
Encryption per user excl. certificate per month 1 EUR 0.20 EUR 0.20 EUR 0.20
Certificate per User incl. certificate service per month EUR 3.50  EUR 2.99 upon request

1 Basic encryption is necessary for all users in the domain. Encryption use certificates can be booked individually for single users.

  • TopMail SV is required to use TopMail Crypt.
  • Monthly billing is based on the amount of system users.
  • Additional TopMail Services can be activated in the control panel. Please note that if this is not a free trial, these services are subject to a charge and will be invoiced from the time of activation.
  • The cited prices are valid for a minimum contract period of 36 months. Errors and changes reserved, all prices exclusive of VAT

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