Comprehensive and sustainable security training for your employees

Cyber-attacks aim to find and exploit technical or human vulnerabilities. With effective security awareness training, you can protect your employees from cyber-attacks and raise awareness while strengthening the human firewall in your company.

Realistic, fully automated, spear-phishing simulations and AI-supported e-trainings are used. An individual awareness dashboard enables you to view the development of the training courses at any time, while also allowing you to adapt them to your company’s needs.

Anführungsstriche der conova Corporate Identity
Highlights at a glance
  • Spear-Phishing attacks with various levels of difficulty
  • Fully-automated and easy to use
  • Employee security index provides information related to the security level
  • Booster option available for users who require further training
  • Dashboard provides an overview of training success
  • Interactive learning modules and entertaining e-learning courses
  • Possible automatic onboarding for new users
  • Available for Microsoft 365, dedicated mail server and hosted exchange 1)

The spear phishing engine uses various psychological manipulation factors as well as publicly available company data and employee-related information to make the examples as realistic as possible.

conova TopAwareness
TopAwarenessSetup-costs (one-time expense)price per user per month
from 5 2) – 249 Usersupon requestupon request
250+ Usersupon requestupon request

1) There are limitations in the reporting and statistical options when using dedicated mail servers or other forms of hosted exchange.
2) For a meaningful Employee Security Index, a minimum number of 10 users is recommended.

• Monthly billing is based on the number of users created in the system or analogous to Microsoft 365 (Microsoft 365 mailbox with activated Exchange functionality).
• An AD-connection is required for automatic user management starting from more than 49 users.

Contract details:
• Minimum contract period 36 months.
• Errors and changes reserved.

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