TopMail Microsoft 365 Protection


By combining premium spam and virus protection with advanced threat protection (including sandboxing), you protect your IT against highly complex attacks. Further, you have the opportunity to implement 100% encrypted e-mail communication with your communication partners – which, in some areas, is a prerequisite for DSGVO compliance.

Additionally, it ensures business continuity for E-mails. In the event of  disruptions to the public cloud infrastructure, a backup system is available that enables full access, including sending and receiving.


  • Award-winning spam and virus protection solution
  • Advanced threat protection and sandboxing, CEO fraud protection and over 20 additional virus scanners
  • Business continuity through constant availability of a backup mail system
  • Revision-compliant e-mail archiving
  • Simple, fully integrated encryption solution
  • URL rewriting with link tracking and sandboxing

Incoming and outgoing e-mails are scanned by our TopMail Microsoft 365 Protection Solution and encrypted and archived upon request.

TopMail Microsoft 365 Protection Business One-time set-up cost price per  user and month
Premium spam and virus protection, encryption and disclaimer
solution included
EUR 249.00 EUR 2.00
TopMail Microsoft 365 Protection Enterprise
Additionally: Advanced threat protection, E-mail archiving
and business continuity solution
EUR 249.00 EUR 4.00
TopMail Microsoft 365 Protection Certificate 1) EUR 2.80

1) A chargeable S/MIME certificate is required for mail encryption.

• User billing is handled analogously to Microsoft 365
• Support for the following Microsoft plans: Microsoft 365 Business Standard & Microsoft 365 Business Basic, Exchange Online Plan 1 & 2 (Business) and Microsoft 365 E1, Microsoft 365 E3 und Microsoft 365 E5 (Enterprise)
The cited prices are valid for a minimum contract period of 36 months.

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