License terms for conova services

conova provides software licenses in the form of service provider licenses on a monthly rental basis according to the conditions of the respective manufacturer.

Changes made by the software manufacturer will be relayed to the customer. conova licenses the offered software according to the details provided by the customer.

The customer will indemnify and hold conova harmless in the event of license disputes with the manufacturer. The customer explicitly agrees that conova may use all relevant customer information and pass it on to the respective software manufacturer or test organization in case of license verification by conova via third parties, or in the case of license reporting by conova to third parties.

The customer must provide conova with the necessary information. The customer acknowledges that in the event of a violation of this obligation, conova reserves the right to shut down all of the customer’s systems within 8 weeks and can terminate the contract with this decommissioning.

Special provisions for Microsoft: The Microsoft license terms apply in the currently valid version (available at

Licenses owned by the customer may only be operated on shared infrastructure under certain conditions (license mobility).

Certain Microsoft products can only be licensed on shared hardware using SPLA (Service Provider License Agreement) or CSP (Cloud Solution Provider) through conova. If an order arises through a TopCloud test period, then all Microsoft licenses that are licensed by conova on the basis of SPLA or CSP, must be paid from the installation date.