License terms for conova services

1. The client expressly agrees that in case of a license check of the service provider by a third party or in the context of license reports from the service provider to third parties, that the service provider can use all relevant information (customer name, contact persons, listing of installed software) and may pass it on to the respective software manufacturer (such as Microsoft, VMWare, veeam, Acronis, HP Cisco, SAP, Ergon, Barracuda, Palo Alto, and Blackberry) and audit organizations commissioned by them (such as Deloitte, PWC, Ernst & Young or the like).

2. Should the service provider not have information regarding which software is used by the client, then the client commits himself to provide that information in the requested form to the services provider so that it can be forwarded to the software manufacturer according to point 1.

3. Should the client fail to comply with this request in a timely manner or if the client is not properly licensed, then the client shall indemnify the service provider against any third-party claims.  The client acknowledges that in this case, the service provider has the right to terminate all client systems within 8 weeks and to terminate the contract at the same time.

4. Special provisions for Microsoft:

  • The current version of the Microsoft license conditions apply (currently available at:
  • In particular, we would like to indicate that licenses that are in client property may only be operated on shared infrastructure under certain conditions (license mobility).
  • Certain Microsoft products may be licensed to the service provider on shared hardware only through the Service Provider License Agreement (SPLA).  Currently, these include Microsoft Office (among others).

Should an order come from a TopCloud test, then Microsoft licenses that are licensed by conova based on SPLA must be paid from the date of installation.

We would be happy to advise you regarding the current license conditions.