Top Webfilter

Surf safely with conova’s TopWebfilter

The TopWebfilter blocks viruses, trojans and illegal content before they can reach your corporate network. Your network will not be burdened. But most importantly, criminals have no opportunity to get ahold of sensitive data or endanger your business. The TopWebfilter runs in the conova data center and is a managed service. That means that our IT experts manage and supervise this application.

Still, you can make many individual adjustments in our user-friendly online portal: For example, you determine whether social networks may be used at certain times – such as during lunch breaks. You can also monitor your employees surfing behavior and block unwanted or harmful websites in their entirety or for a certain period of time.

  • Preventative: Virus filter for all web traffic
  • Secure: blocks dangerous or prohibited downloads
  • Convenient: user-friendly control panel
  • Personal: various roles and permissions possible
  • Freedom: regardless of which browser and operating system
  • Economical: no costly investment
  • Efficient: no special hardware or software required
  • Individual: activation of web pages for each individual user possible
  • Flexible: temporary release of web pages possible – for example during lunch breaks
  • Simple: minimal effort needed in configuration
  • Anywhere: also possible for mobile devices

Not only individual users, but also a multitude of programs access the internet daily and automatically. With the TopWebfilter, conova
offers companies the opportunity to control and monitor these accesses in order to enforce corporate policies.

Topwebfilter price per user per month
up to 25 Users EUR 2.64
from 26 to 100 Users EUR 2.42
from 101 to 200 Users EUR 2.20
from 201 to 500 Users EUR 1.76
500+ Users upon request

Monthly billing is base d on the amount of system users.

The cited prices are valid for a minimum contract period of 36 months. Errors and changes reserved, all prices exclusive of VAT

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