With TopOTS, sensitive textinformation such as passwords can be transferred quickly and securely. The content is encrypted within the portal and can then be sent as a link via email or other services. However, the information can only be called up once and is displayed as plain text.

Administrators can manage users directly in the web portal and can also view the IP addresses. Our certified specialists handle the operation of this SaaS product for you.

Anführungsstriche der conova Corporate Identity
  • User data and passwords can be transmitted separately
  • No customer software installation required (web-based)
  • 24/7 operation and support by certified conova specialists
  • Data is stored in protected systems in Austrian data centers
  • Decryption by conova is not possible
  • API for batch handling available
  • Automatic link deactivation
  • Own company branding possible

Authorized users can encrypt sensitive information in the TopOTS portal and then send it as a link. When the link is accessed, the information is decrypted and displayed once in plain text. The link is deactivated after 30 days or subsequently after the link has been opened.

TopOTS set-up costs (one-time expense) price per month
Operational management including 20 users and 1,000 links/month EUR 320.00 EUR 129.00
Further users and links upon request
Whitelabeling EUR 640.00

The cited prices are valid for a minimum contract period of 36 months.

We would be happy to advise you!